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Elisa Shupe: Setting The Record Straight.

In 2013, because of a strong desire to be and be treated like the female gender, I began medical steps to affirm my female gender identity and treat gender dysphoria. At the time, I adopted the female name of Jamie Shupe. That journey was severely disrupted in the ensuing years because I kowtowed to the toxic beliefs and political agendas of gender-critical and radical feminists, faith-based groups, and conservatives. Allowing these poisonous women and others to distort my thinking proved harmful to my well-being and subsequently played a major role in my later adoption of a non-binary identity in 2016. A gender identity that I legally reversed in 2019, reclaiming my birth name, James Shupe.

The reversal of my non-binary gender identity does not reflect negatively on anyone else who has a non-binary identity. All gender identities are valid and should be treated with the utmost respect at all times.

Radical and gender-critical feminists, conservatives, and faith-based groups would like everyone to believe that gender dysphoria can be cured simply by adopting dangerous beliefs. They want you to think that praying, undergoing conversion therapy, etc., can cure and change you. I can attest that all of their treatments failed to work in my case. Publicly, I sustained during that tenuous time by lying to myself and others that what they said worked. I also shamefully sold their ideologies to the media and the public while overdosing on estrogen supplements in private, trying to desperately lower my testosterone level. My actions resulted in a dangerous blood clot which threatened my health and life.

Throughout my involvement with gender-critical and radical feminists, conservatives, and faith-based groups, my female gender identity and strong desire to rid myself of male primary and secondary sex characteristics remained unchanged despite my best efforts and the actions and efforts of these groups. Despite adopting these entities’ beliefs and religious practices, I continued to suffer from debilitating gender dysphoria throughout my involvement with these destructive elements.

It’s fair to say that my intense suffering meant nothing to radical and gender-critical feminists, conservatives, and faith-based groups. That fact should serve as a cautionary tale for others who may choose to get involved with these groups at their own peril. By doing so, you will simply become a useful idiot: a pawn in their injurious war against the transgender population. And your actions will jeopardize you from getting the gender-affirming medical care you will most likely need to treat your gender dysphoria.

As a result of my inability to change and live in the manner these folks demand, as a male, I resumed gender-affirming medical treatments in 2020. I then began to re-identify as a transgender woman, Lisa Shupe, in 2021. Actions that have drastically improved my physical and mental health.

As a limited public figure who made history in 2016, I have authored this post to set the record straight and update the public on my status. I also authored this to hopefully prevent these groups from further using me as a pawn in their vicious war, legislative and otherwise, against the transgender community. For the record, I have formally renounced my previous ties and allegiance to radical and gender-critical feminists, conservatives, and faith-based groups.

In the future, if any of you who have read this encounter a media article or other public statements claiming that I am a detransitioner or desister, please correct these persons. Direct them to this post and set the record straight. Trans women are legally women. Transgender lives matter.

Going forward, although I have adopted the name Elisa Shupe, please call me Lisa. My pronouns are she and her.

Lisa Shupe

© Copyright Notice: This writing is the copyrighted work of Lisa Shupe, legally known as James Shupe. It may not be reproduced or reused without my permission.


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